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We are a Solar Temecula company that specializes in creating solar power plans for commercial and residential clients. Lately, we have targeted Riverside County as one of our service areas where we help people move towards an alternative energy source and make significant cuts on their bills. Our company is driven by an environment-friendly world, where the carbon emissions are as low as possible, and all the electricity comes from renewable energy sources. Our customer response has been great, thanks to the quality of products we offer and the customer service delivery!

We are a company in the same league and bracket as the Horizon Solar Hemet! Over the years, we have changed our business strategies and structures to impact the lives of the majority. This has been made possible by offering quality solutions at the lowest prices. Our solar panels match the quality of products delivered by companies like Horizon Solar Hemet, meaning they are highly reliable and durable. No matter how harsh weather conditions may be, they will hold up well against them. This is especially great at the time of rain as water can damage low-quality panel structures. Also, we assure reliability for 5-10 years, meaning our top-notch panels won’t require any kind of repair and replacement in that time.

Our teams are dedicated to making your life easier, so we have a plan for just about everyone from an office to a mansion owner you can benefit from cuts on electricity bills.

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Make the effort to go green and spend less on energy for your daily needs! Burke Solar Power is here to assist. Our company is composed of honest and dependable professionals dedicated to helping you install alternative energy sources on your property.

We Envision a Palm Springs Solar Powered City!

Our Palm Springs solar powered houses and offices are a product of our hard work and dedication. They can spread throughout the area in different communities. On top of solar panel installation, we are also experts in roof repairs. We have added this skill to our portfolio because the condition and maintenance of roofs play an essential part in the overall performance of the system. While dealing with Solar Palm Springs residents and business owners also let us take care of their roof repairs because we use strong and durable materials to fix damaged roofs to ensure there are no leaks in the future. 

Many of our customers have come from a reputable company like Horizon Solar Panel Hemet. This says a lot about our priorities and dedication as customers today know that we will treat their problems like ours and provide solutions for the best prices.

Along with panel installation and roof repair, we also strive for electrical solutions. We ensure that you can start using solar power the moment we set it up by wiring everything in a safe and quick manner; that too, at budget-friendly costs, which differs from companies to companies.

Solar Palm Springs is a place where people have adopted these solutions early on and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means they won’t have to worry about installing and shifting to solar power in the future. We recommend that you should do the same to add future-proofing to your house or office!

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