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It has always been our dream to expand our services to LA/San Bernardino County, taking our expertise and experience in the field to people’s homes and offices. We have firmly believed in the fact that fossil fuel energy cannot sustain the world much longer, and sooner or later, everyone will shift towards renewable energy. This is because renewable energy doesn’t run out, and you can continue creating electricity out of it without having to worry about harmful emissions. Moreover, different countries are already taking massive steps to enable an environment-friendly atmosphere. Therefore, installing solar panels from solar guys like us will always be an investment that will return with massive gains!

We are the Solar installers Los Angeles residents trust and love! This is only possible due to our highly specialized and talented team, specially dedicated to serving this area. Our team always keeps our customers in touch, letting them know the project advancements at every stage. This means you can know exactly where you will be spending your cash. As your solar guys we also guide and mentor you in the process, addressing all your concerns and questions, which ensures you don’t have any doubts about our specialties and can make the right decision.

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Make the effort to go green and spend less on energy for your daily needs! Burke Solar Power is here to assist. Our company is composed of honest and dependable professionals dedicated to helping you install alternative energy sources on your property.

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As a SoCal Solar company people love and rely on, we believe that you should not have to deal with electrical problems- that should be the least of your concerns. However, with conventional electricity, there can always be a problem on the horizon. Moreover, you have to spend a ton of cash on electricity bills, which can add up to give a massive net total. However, installing solar power means you can get rid of those bills altogether and enjoy running your appliances at all times!

Our team working in Bernardino County is one reason we are among the best solar companies in Los Angeles. Thanks to ground-breaking cost reductions and budget-friendly solutions, everyone can enjoy the benefits of solar power. Our engineers know how to work with complex projects of various sizes; they can help you install solar panels for a single room or an entire working office.

Our LA solar group complies with all quality controls and standards observed around the globe. Coming from the knowledge we’ve gained from years of working in the field, we can even help you understand what project will be best for your use.

We are more than just a LA Solar group, we understand the value of a well-built and maintained roof, we know what it takes to fix existing damage to ensure your roof doesn’t leak or cause problems down the road. Moreover, we also excel in being a top electrical contractor, using the best wiring procedures and cables to connect various appliances around your home to the main system. This makes us one of the best solar companies in Los Angeles!

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